Which Type of Bride are You?

Find out what’s your Bridal Style Personality

Personalized Wedding

With today’s weddings, sharing your own signature and lifestyle has become more significant than keeping a certain tradition. This transforms the search of the wedding dress into the search of the best way to express your uniqueness and telling your individual story.

„I am not the traditional Bride“

Did you know that your outfit can tell a story? Hardly any other garment has more symbolic value than that of a wedding dress. I want to help you to carve out your personal message on your wedding day through your outfit, telling your personal story.
If you do not consider yourself the typical bride because of your taste, age or size, you might have asked yourself how you could achieve your wedding look, to make you feel authentic and graceful on your special day.



„Normal Wedding dresses don’t work for me“

Is choosing a dress in your size a challenge? Are you insecure about what suits you best? You can learn with me which silhouettes and fabrics enhance your personal advantages. I am committed to support you with choosing your dress at a store that offers what you look for or help you to develop a custom-made solution for you.



„Getting Married? We prefer Simplicity!“

Are you one of those women who doesn’t consider herself to be a typical bride? Maybe your taste or maybe your age makes it hard to start imagining a bridal look for you, that doesn’t feel “dressed up”? You still want to feel authentic and graceful? With my consultation you will achieve a result that still guarantees you a sparkling moment despite all simplicity!


„Which dress will make me look beautiful?“

I am convinced: every woman can look beautiful! With my trained eye I can help you to choose the perfect dress for you and complete the whole bridal look.



The Charmed*Bride makes you charming!

No matter which type you identify yourself with – I help you solve that challenge and make your Wedding Dress Journey as pleasant as possible, I offer professional consulting and a strategy that helps you to make the right choices.


(…) You are amazing!

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