Consultation on your Individual Style or Business Look

A Style-Consultation can help you to discover how to adjust your wardrobe to your type and shape: Either for career, special events or a practical every day life.

Discvover your personal style and find out whats suits you best!

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Analysis and Consultation

Style Personality – Finding your “Style ID”

Do you want to find your own style, instead of randomly adjusting to new trends? We can test and identify your intuitive forms of expression using modern style consulting methods. You will learn which type of style suits you best and which clothing, patterns and accessories to use to express your personality.


Body Shape Analysis – A matter of proportion

Are you fascinated when you see someone whose apparel is timelessly elegant and has a perfect fit? Each body is different and needs a different shape of clothes to benefit it. The industrial clothing sizes do usually not cover this diversity.
The one that has gained an understanding of the fit and proportion of a garment can use this knowledge to look aesthetic and yet effortless. With an analysis of your body shape and a thorough consultation, you will learn how to understand your body shape and which shapes and fabrics flatter you most.

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Color Consultation – Do you believe in seasons?

The classical color analysis has turned out to be too narrow. If you only have four categories to fit in, you won’t be able to consider every type. Modernized methods of color analysis are more complex. The psychological effects of color (how do I want to be perceived?) as well as the individual spectrum of ones personal coloring influence the color scheme of a personal look. In a color consultation, we holistically analyze your personal colors. We develop a concept for you that shows you which contrast and colors you can use in your wardrobe.



Facial Shape Consultation – Shining from head to toe

How can you enhance your radiance surrounding your head and face? In a consultation focusing on your facial shape, you will find out which necklines, hairdos or accessories you can use best when considering your face shape. Optional with a Basic Grooming & Make-up Tutorial.

You can choose the different consultation units depending on your specific needs:
  • Style ID – Style Personality
  • Body – Body Shape Analysis
  • Color – Color Consultation
  • Face – Facial Shape Consultation
  • Your Signature Look or Personal Brand : coming soon here >>

I recommend choosing 2-3 combined consultations for a visible result.

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I want to thank you so much for your literally beautiful support. I learned so much in speaking with you; and hopefully I wasn’t your most indecisive client!!

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