How early should the search for your Wedding Dress start?

Did you know that no matter whether you buy your wedding dress in a store or have it custom made – usually it has to be manufactured for you? A bridal gown is a highly elaborate piece of clothing.  It takes hours and weeks of work to complete it. Many weddings take place within the same season in this part of the world. This can lead to busy periods and delays in the sewing shops.

This fact makes it recommendable to decide on time. You should consider giving yourself enough time for both the development of your idea as well as for the production. This way you will not be limited in your choices or rushed into quick (maybe wrong) decisions.

As your Stylist I will help you to manage the timing, accompany you at the fittings and make sure that everything leads to your desired result.

Some details and elements of the gown will be decided along the way. You can relax and enjoy the process and anticipation.


(…) Thanks again for the great time with you in advance not at last you made the day how it was, because the love in the details of my outfit!

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