The “Wedding Dress Architect”

Because the details make the big difference

Aloha! I’m Carla and I can help you feel comfortable in your skin and in your clothing.

Why is that? – you may ask: Because I am passionate about helping women discover their strengths and qualities and make them visible.

As an architect, I was already fascinated by the language of materials, design language and coherent detailing when I was studiying. I even won an award for my thesis, a design for a museum made of granite.

These elements still play a big role, namely when I help my female clientele to develop their own style. Because: fabrics, shapes and colors evoke different messages and effects that can be applied in the choice of clothes.

Building Confidence

In a professional styling or image consultation, we work out how you can optimally showcase your visual appearance through your outfit. For your wedding, for your personal branding or a stylish everyday life.

The focus of my professional work is always to highlight the personality of my clients – so they don’t feel dressed up, but can be truly themselves.


Passion and professionalism – can’t beat that combination

Zauberbraut*Berlin doesn’t only represent a passionate motivation, but also has a very professional approach and years of experience with bridal fashion and styling:

Training & Certification

  • Training as Fashion Consultant and Certification as Bridal Stylist
    (Fashion Stylist Institute, San Francisco)
  • Training as Style Consultant in Berlin
  • Member AICI (Association of Image Consultants International)
  • ongoing Workshops and Education on the topic of Image & Fashion
  • Training and Certification as Visual Branding Consultant


Experience in practice

  • Workshop- Internship at a Bridal Fashion Studio in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg
  • Fashion consulting and Sales at Bridal Fashion Label for customizable Wedding Dresses in Berlin
  • Design and Custom-tailoring & refining of Wedding dresses and vintage dresses in close cooperation with Fashion Designer for Bridal- and Evening Gowns
  • Bridal Trade Shows: Consulting at various Bridal Trade Shows in Berlin
  • Collaboration with further Seamstresses and Designers
  • Styling for Weddings and Photo shoots
  • 2016: founding of Zauberbraut*BerlinPersonal Wedding Stylist – and Style Consultation
  • Since 2017: Studio in Berlin
  • Since 2020: Workshops and Online Sessions



Consultation Formats

One-on-One Coaching – Workshops – Stylist Sessions

Would you like to learn more?

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Thanks again for the great time with you in advance not at last you made the day how it was, because the love in the details of my outfit! You are amazing.

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