Finding the right Gown – Wedding Dress Shopping

Are you insecure about where to start to search for your gown?

The moment that a woman realizes she has found “her dress“ always creates goosebumps. I call this the Magical-Moment. Something magical happens, which is hard to put into words – the woman transforms into a bride.

Getting to that moment can be a difficult process.


Questions  and more Questions

When options seem countless and time is limited, a long list of unanswered questions complicate the search:

Which dress suits my body shape?

– Which dress helps express my style personality?

– How can my dress be incorporated into our wedding theme?

– What’s the trend? What isn’t?

– How do I achieve the best value for money when shopping for a dress?


Asking the right Questions:

What women who come to me are particularly looking for is guidance in making decisions. In the selection of any outfit, whether wedding, business or date.

The more important the occasion, the higher the pressure that many unfortunately make for themselves – especially if it is a dress where all the attention is focused on them.
In a consultation, a woman learns to understand the decision criteria and to set priorities.
It’s no longer about whether something is pretty on its own, but how it looks on the whole person – personality, figure, color type, lines, style.

The choice of manufacturer, designer, retailer also plays an essential role.



My companionship:

I join you at the dress shopping and help you too choose your Wedding Dress. My main focus is on your best option and benefit – rather than the pressure to sell a dress.

Orchestrating Wedding Outfits

Different looks – wearing different bridal outfits at one wedding is becoming popular. If you want to go for that trend, we can plan on different options for your styling.

As an experienced and trained fashion consultant, I stay focused on your priorities in the process of obtaining all details and accessories that are all harmonized for your best interests.

Providing you a Magical-Moment without stress and time-pressure.