My method for your style development

Your style transformation, aligning appearance with your inner self, is a process you’ll have to invest some time in – but it’s worth it.

Similar to a coaching, where step by step things come to light and goals are formulated, my assistance is focused on the idea that in the end you will reflect yourself in your style and will be able to adapt it later to new phases of life and changes.

For women who are up to something : personal styling with the FLOWER method

For brides : wedding dress styling with the MATCHMAKER formula (read more below)


We boost your strengths – Visual Branding and Personal Styling

As a Personality Stylist, I am focussed on a person, not a particular fashion direction or trend. To help you find clarity and appeal for your own style, we look at what makes you who you are. The visible as well as the ideological aspects. For these we develop your very own “Style ID” and a look that can be unmistakably associated with you.

With my FLOWER method you will blossom:



For women with an agenda : personal styling with the FLOWER method

STYLE ID: We develop your Style ID based on your personality and taste for your signature look.

BODY SHAPE: We analyze your figure using my 7-dimensional figure type matrix and determine suitable clothing and outfits for you.

COLOR: We identify your personal color profile and determine the color palette for your wardrobe.

FACE: Based on your face shape you will learn to choose the right necklines, accessories and hairstyles for you.

CLOSET: A new structure and clarity in your closet is created through the right outfits. Through reorganization and/or shopping.

PERSONAL BRAND ID: We name the visible and conceptual characteristics of your personal brand and emphasize them visually with recognizable characteristics.

(Alternatively Business Style ID)

EXTRAS: e.g. Capsule Wardrobe





Bridal look with strategy – Bridal Storytelling

Nowadays, unlike in the past, getting married is a voluntary and quite conscious decision. A wedding is usually less about tradition and more about expressing an individual attitude to life.

This makes the search for the right wedding dress the search for the best way to express your own uniqueness and tell your own story.

Using my style consulting methods adapted to bridal fashion, together we find out what really suits you and what you feel comfortable in.

To help you put together your ultimate bridal outfit, I have developed the MATCH MAKER Formula:



For brides : wedding dress styling with the MATCHMAKER formula

STYLE: We will analyze your individual style and find out how you can incorporate your personality into your wedding look.

SHAPE: We will determine which dress shapes flatter your body type and enhance your image.

FABRIC/COLOR: We will determine which fabric is the right one for you and which colors harmonize well with your personal color scheme.

STORY: Tell your story using your outfit! We complete your look with the best matching accessories and additional garments.

LOOK: We bring together all the insights from the previous steps and make your bridal outfit a total work of art from head to toe – Because on this day, you are the center of attention!


We will go through your make-up and hairstyle choices and involve experienced hair- and make up artists to carry them out.

I can join you at the dress shopping and help you too choose your Wedding Dress. My main focus is on your best option and benefit – rather than the pressure to sell a dress.

Providing you an enchanting moment without stress and time-pressure.

Because time is a crucial factor in wedding preparation, my services for the bride are more short-term than Personality Styling.

Depending on your focus and need, I support you with my service offers

to orchestrate, what is probably the most important outfit of your life.



How does a consultation with me work?

My consultations are hybrid, part of the sessions can be online, part of the sessions are live at my studio.

A session lasts between 60 minutes and 4 hours, depending on the specific topic. Between the appointments you will usually receive tasks for follow-up or preparation.


Upon request, I will be happy to send you a price overview for the different consulting contents.

After a commitment-free meeting, I will provide you with an individualized offer with a consulting timetable based on your needs.



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Carla combines geometry and science with art and intuition and she makes the whole session so happy – I felt indulged and pampered.


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