FAQ : Certified Bridal Stylist – Questions and Benefits

I frequently get asked:

„Why should I consider a Wedding Stylist ?“

For their own wedding, each Bride is highly focused on every detail. She wants to feel mesmerizingly beautiful and yet stay true to her own style. Because of these high expectations, many describe the search for a wedding dress as difficult and complicated. A huge choice of retailers and dress styles is added to a stack of unanswered questions:

Which dress suits my body shape?

Which dress enhances my personal style?

How does the dress match our wedding theme?

Can I wear several looks with the same dress during the wedding day?

As a certified bridal stylist and a style consultant I could gain experience in bridal fashion and bridal styling in the last couple of years. I know which showrooms, designers or seamstresses offer which style and quality. With my trained eye I can help you to find or make your perfect dress. To complete your total look, I support the you in deciding on a harmonizing style for hairdo and make-up and assembling the matching accessories.

„What is the benefit of a personal consultation?“

A professional support in all styling matters saves time, effort and disappointments – this way your wedding preparations remain a joyful journey. A detailed consultation in my studio will help you to merge your ideas and individual aspects into a creative process. This will help you to get a closer idea of the fabric, cut and style your dress should resemble.

Through all this we won’t lose sight of your overall appearance, your budget and your time frame.


„Wouldn’t I get a consultation in a bridal store as well?“

I am an independent consultant; my motivation is not drawn by a sales interest of a certain brand or designer etc. Through a detailed consultation you will also know what to look for and execute the purchase more directed. Also, you won’t be pushed to make a quick decision – unlike in a store where the appointment time is mostly limited.


„Can’t I do this on my own?”

Many brides choose their outfits by themselves or with the support of friends or familiy. Since when planning a wedding you usually do a lot of things for the very first time, particularly trying and choosing a wedding gown is something that comes along with insecurities of making the right decison.

Also sometimes it is hard to bypass the well intentioned advice of someone close to you.

Many women tell me: “How much I would have liked to know you before my wedding! This is exactly the kind of support I would have needed!”

To have a stylist help you getting dressed well for your wedding is something that you treat yourself to, similar to hiring a good makeup artist or photographer – by which this most important event and the preparations ahead stay in the best of memories.


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