Brides’ Feedback:


I had a dreamy day at the town hall wedding and got tons of compliments for the dress. Thank you!!!

(Yael B.)

The day was the best I ever had. Still complete overwhelmed and blissed with love (…) Tears of unlimited happiness are coming everytime we think of all those magic moments…Thanks again for the great time with you in advance not at last you made the day how it was, because the love in the details of my outfit! You are amazing.

(Nina E.)

I want to thank you so much for your literally beautiful support. I learned so much in speaking with you; and hopefully I wasn’t your most indecisive client!!

(Sophia P.)

Carla helped me to find the perfect combination to dress myself! She taught me to show my personal style and natural beauty. She could make me feel like the most beautiful women who definitely attracted the eyes of my husband. And her considerate suggestion contributed to every fine detail on the wedding day. Thanks to her careful company and her experienced consulting, I enjoyed the whole preparation very much.

(Mandy Ch.)

Through your help and conversations with my bride a lot of progress was made towards the ultimate goal of making our special day as special as it truly turned out to be!

(Mark A. – Groom)

Feedback Style Consultation:

Carla takes her time to select the appropriate fashion style which suits you. Her creativity and genuineness makes the whole process fun and yet relaxing. Most importantly: Carla makes you feel comfortable – and secondly, gets things done!

(Suzan F.)


Carla combines geometry and science with art and intuition and she makes the whole session so happy – I felt indulged and pampered.

(Dr. Anamika D..)