Personal Styling and Visual Branding:

Shopping, Closet Makeover and Capsule Wardrobe

Who has figured out what determines them and really fits and matches them has come a major step along. Knowing your type strengthens self confidence. Through Personal Styling I will show you how to choose and mix your clothing with confidence in style: combining good and cool outfits. That includes sustainable and strategic shopping.

Learn the Art of Dressing – for a perfect appearance!

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Develop your Signature Look and Personal Brand

Personal Brand – Your “Signature- Look“

Do you desire a look that unmistakable is being connected with you as a person?

We analyze and develop your personal branding and the message, that you want to portray either as a personal brand, artist or private individual. I offer creative and professional guidance through this process. Possibly after a previous Image Consultation.

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Style Concepts in Action

Personal Shopping

Allegedly women buy the same clothing pieces throughout their lives. A new perspective can add a new vigor to the closet!

I will accompany you with your clothing shopping and support you with trying on, choosing and possibly altering your new purchase.

Your goals are my mission! Are you shopping for a specific occasion (date, invitation, etc…)? Are you planning a journey? Did your body change dramatically due to a nutritional change? Did you start a new chapter of your life and your wardrobe does not reflect your new self?

I prepare every shopping tour thoroughly and efficiently.

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Wardrobe Check – Pimp my Closet

“I have nothing to wear!” Most of us know this phrase – despite a full closet!

If you want to find out how to start owning only “favorite pieces” or if your closet needs a reorganization, I can offer you the following support:

  • Wardrobe-Check including a new structure of your apparel and outfits
  • Creating you „Capsule-Wardrobe“ System = one Outfit System that consists of certain Garments, that will combine as a variation of many

Never again clueless in front of your closet – I can help you with that!


Outline of style concepts – also available in combinations!
  • Signature Look or Visual Brand
  • Shopping
  • Wardrobe – Closet-Check
  • Capsule Wardrobe – your Outfit System
  • Image,- Bodyshape- and Color Consultation here >>


Before we had spoken there was no particular style in my mind how I wanted to look like. I couldn’t picture it. After we talked and I answered your questions of the the different subjects of my style, taste, fabric etc. bit by bit the picture became clearer to me.

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