My transition from architecture to bridal fashion

Me? A bride?

Before getting married I could not imagine ever wearing a wedding dress myself. I was convinced I would feel dressed up. It doesn’t suit me. That wouldn’t be me. When I met my husband and we decided to take that important step of getting married, I started to question how I could dress as a bride and yet still feel authentic.

Since I am an architect and have learned how to shape ideas into draft and design, I decided to create my own wedding dress based on my own ideas.

I’ll never forget my excitement when I discovered the fabric for my dress. In months of anticipation, my dress started to take shape within my hands. Piece by piece, I designed and bought the matching accessories. I got to know people who inspired me, encouraged me and supported me to achieve exactly what I had in mind – to feel like a bride and yet 100% myself.

Not only perfect but also “me”

The rest is “history”: the process of designing and creating was so rewarding that I chose to continue pursuing this passion. Today I accompany other brides as they develop their own road map that leads them to a big destination: not only to look beautiful on their wedding day, but to also feel confident. The women that get married today have their individual style and taste and above all want to express that through their bridal look.

With Zauberbraut*Berlin, I can provide the space, the concept and the necessary support and expertise to make this wish come true.

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Passion and professionalism – can’t beat that combination

Zauberbraut*Berlin doesn’t only represent a passionate motivation, but also has a very professional approach and years of experience with bridal fashion and styling:

Training & Certification

  • Training as Fashion Consultant and Certification as Bridal Stylist
    (Fashion Stylist Institute, San Francisco)
  • Training as Style Consultant in Berlin
  • Member AICI (Association of Image Consultants International)
  • Various Seminars, e.g Fashion Consulting, pattern making for dresses, etc.


Experience in practice

  • Workshop- Internship at a Bridal Fashion Studio in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg
  • Fashion consulting and Sales at Bridal Fashion Label for customizable Wedding Dresses in Berlin
  • Design and Custom-tailoring & refining of Wedding dresses and vintage dresses in close cooperation with Fashion Designer (FIT) for Bridal- and Evening Gowns
  • Bridal Trade Shows: Consulting at various Bridal Trade Shows in Berlin
  • Collaboration with further Seamstresses and Designers
  • Styling for Weddings and Photo shoots
  • 2016: founding of Zauberbraut*BerlinPersonal Wedding Stylist – and Style Consultation
  • Since 2017: Studio in Berlin Lichterfelde West


Manager with instinctive feeling

With years of experience in project management, I am skilled at dividing a complex task, such as planning and realizing, into manageable single steps – that’s exactly the skill that is needed to prepare, choose and arrange the wedding outfit during the intense preparation of a wedding.

For several years, I have also engaged in community service by mentoring and job-coaching younger women. This has enhanced my instinctive feeling in guiding through emotionally charged decisions.

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